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Monday, August 10, 2009

Cash for my Clunker

I was at a relative's house Sunday and they were talking about taking advantage of the cash for clunker's program. It was suggested that I look into it.
I think it is basically the vehicle can't be older than 1984 and you have had to have insurance and registration on it for a year.
(Kind of funny the logo on the NPR program talking about the program features a 1978 for truck, which would not qualify)
So, I could buy a stripped down Ranger pickup for $10,000. I could trade in my 1984 service truck, which is in pretty rough shape, for $4500. I would have a new, fuel efficient truck for $6,000, with low interest and low payments.
It would be a good idea in advance of the coming inflation as the economy collapses from unbridled government spending. I would be paying for it with worthless dollars so my payments would be lower.
I could state my feelings towards Obama buying GM by not buying a GM product.
But, I would have payments. I don't want payments for a vehicle. If I have payments I want payments for property.... Think I may pass on this one.
Especially when I think about the fact that this $4500 is really my money that I will be paying in taxes over my future life. So, it is really double payments-I'm just paying uncle sam instead of the bank...


  1. Go for it David. I think it is the dumbest thing to ever come down the pike but I might do it myself. Dakota getting tired. So am I!

  2. Somehow I just can't see making a payment on something that doesn't bring in any money. Think I'd rather save my money for my own farm or FWA 2-135.


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