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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I actually accomplished Something!!!! Whoop! Whoop!

Yesterday morning I had 20 acres of Triticale and 20 acres of Barley to plant. 
I got it done!
This may not seem like much considering that I make much of my living from planting with a 15 foot no-till drill. But, this was more complicated.
We were going to plant 2 rows triticale and 1 row of fescue as it is really too late for the triticale to get a good yield. While I was off planting for other folks, the ground at home was supposed to be worked and packed down in anticipation of the rain that fell last night.
It didn't get done.
So, I get home to find the field 1/2 worked at an angle and not started at the side where I need to plant the triticale. 
I just planted the triticale. I got the hired man going spreading fertilizer and found a friend to run the heavy flat roller and I planted. Put down 120lbs triticale with 10 gallons of 10-34 and some miracle grow stuff that a salesman gave us to try and then forgot about. It is supposed to boost the micro-nutrients.  We shall see.
The barley field was pretty wet. Last year I no-tilled and it didn't work. The drill places the seed with no problem but as the ground dry it cracks down the rows and the seed is exposed. Just a light disking will help seal the moisture in.  So, I had Bill disk ahead of me. I started with the flat roller but it looked like is was packing the ground too much so I just went right behind the disk with the no-till drill. Looks pretty bad but it is in the ground. Started raining hard just as I finished at 10 p.m. Hurried up to the shop to put the corn planter back in the shed and went to bed.
Today I have to spread fertilizer on a ryegrass field that somehow got missed, take my daughter to a pizza party for her soccer team, pull the motor on the 2-135. 
Right now I'm setting in my easy chair and it is 8:30...
Tales of the Lazy Farmer!

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