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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I upgraded my GPS! By myself!!!

Yesterday I was pretty interested in Brideshead Revisited. I think it was mostly likely because I think Hayley Atwell is beautiful. Today I don't care all that much. It was an interesting movie. Basically, this is how it went. People screwed up their lives by not living true to their beliefs. They wasted their time in sensuality and materialism. In the end they found abslolution and in a sense, a peace with God. This is good because most modern literature seems to stress that life is meaningless except some form of personal fufilment.
I found the movie interesting because I have been in a bit of a funk. Not very spiritually fufilled so to speak. Also, I've been having employee problems.
My faithful employee is not so faithful. He has a lot of personal problems. He tends not to show up for work. When questioned he says he is having family problems. The thing is I would give him all the time off that he needs all he has to do is ask. It would be a lot easier to give him time off however, if he had not told me one Friday afternoon in December, "I'll see you Monday." Then didn't seem him until Feburary when he worked four days and then said, "I'll see you Monday."
The problem is that we as humans are compelled to self destruct. Especially if you turn your back on your spiritual belief system.
But that is beside the point.
I upgraded my GPS.
Now that is a personal triumph.
I bought a Raven 210 on ebay a while back. I have been having problems with satellite drift and trees making the little tractor on the FarmerGPS screen to jump all over the place.
The Raven 210 was very cheap and we all know that if something is to good to be true it probably is. So I did a search for the identity of the new west coast GPS satellite used for differential correction. I found it. Then I downloaded the Raven instruction book and followed the confusing instructions for several hours. I actually figured out how to update the satellite. Now the screen says "OK" instead of "no almanac, no differential correction."
Whoop! Whoop! I did it!


  1. I need to get rid of my row markers. I need something accurate enough for the drill and planter. We are talking about a bigger learning curve here...

  2. I just planted between spots of harvested trees in a nursery. Was trying to beat the impending downpour. I was trying to keep on eye on the front wheel and the edge of the drill track and the other two eyes on steering the little tractor down the glowing blue line on the GPS screen and I got a little close to the irrigation system. Now there are lots of 7 1/2" drip pipes.
    GPS is expensive and not as reliable as one would hope. I've found that a foam maker is also pretty handy. Used it today as well. Perhaps I'll devote a entry to my misadventures with GPS.


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