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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I guess I'm in the feed business

I've really done it now. Perhaps in over my head. I was doing pretty well selling feed run through my old Minneapolis-Moline hammer mill. So, I thought, a little is good, a lot must be better. So I bought 35 ton of ground oat pellets for $100 a ton delivered and stored till June. I'm picking them up from the neighbor's in my small truck and adding molasses and my own ground triticale and wheat and reselling the stuff in 750lb bags for $240 a ton. Well, I usually knock the price down to $200 or round the weight down a little bit. Seems to be selling so far.
So here's a question for Ed Winkle. The oat pellets are around 8 percent protien. The wheat/triticale should be around 11. How many lbs of ground wheat/triticale do I need to bring my protein level up to 10 percent? I did not get my State Farmer degree based on my ability to balance rations.
Have sold four ton in the past couple days. This only leaves me with 31 ton to go. It is March 4th, so I basically need to sell the other 31 ton pretty fast as it is time to actually start working!

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