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Monday, March 30, 2009

End of the world survival guide

Perhaps it is not fair to post in two places at one. I tried the NewAgTalk forums but didn't get much of a response. Perhaps some of the faithful former Daily Strumpet readers still check this spot and could add to the discussion.
Several years ago I somehow signed up for a free NewsMax newsletter. The free magazine subscription expired but I still get these important updates on the up-coming end of the world or the collapse of the world financial system. Now they are congratulating themselves on predicting the collapse of the US financial system and have moved on to predicting lawlessness, mayhem, and detention centers. It is kind of like the old line of if you fire the shotgun often enough you may in fact hit a duck. Not sure that directly applies to Mr. Lee Bellinger who personally sent me the email...

Or, I find out in my Wellness Report email, that I need more iodine, should or should not eat more red meat, drink some beer, sometimes coffee is good for me, and terrorists may attack.
At the end of each of these updates is an offer for a free report which will keep me from getting alzheimers (don't even know how to spell it) or improve my prostate health, and tell me what foods to eat to build up my supply of iodine.
Now I am really curious. This whole iodine thing has been driving me nuts. I tried to buy iodine at the local feed store but now I am on a list of "iodine buyers." Fortunantly I did not attempt to buy starting fluid or battery acid at the same time or I would be eldgibile for status as a meth manufacturer.

Now today, again I got an email with the link to this "survival guide."

I really thought I was just going to figure out this iodine thing when I find out that I need to do something important and simple to avoid being on a list of people sent to detention centers. Plus, there are like 8 normal house hold items that I can stock up on which will be better than having gold! I know toilet paper is on the list as I once toured Europe and I've been to Costa Rica twice. Some countries do not understand that 20 grit sandpaper is for finishing cars not wiping ones arse. In case of emergency I always try to make sure the wife has a case of DOUBLE ply scented softies. But what are the other seven things?
Now, I realize this whole thing could be real. I've looked at these websites:Here is the one where everything goes to heck in Argentina and this is the site that really depressed me. But this site is the most useful. If it rains really hard I look here.

I'm kind of dipping into the ammo stash that I built up for the Y2K crisis and I'm kind of broke right now. But I'd like to be prepared for what ever should happen.

Still I just can't stand to give this guy $45 for his magazine and free book. I just figure the book is probably one of books with 14 point type and large amounts of white space that looks like a powerpoint presentation and has really obvious info like, "don't drink sewer water, if attacked by a mob run really fast, or don't go looking for food in areas prone to mob violence- like Northeast Portland."

Plus, the guy is making money off the proposed end of the world and it bugs me. I did a search for his book and they guy has been posting all over the place. I did not find it on ebay. Probably violates eBay's selling rules or something.

So if anyone can tell me 1. What to do about my iodine deficiency. 2. What eight household items will be worth more than gold 3. what to do about my spelling problem (that's just a bonus) I would be very happy.

Was thinking about this a little more today.
All this terrible stuff could really happen. My uncle got out of Germany between the two world wars. I remember him talking about Germany in the 1930's. Of course no one in today's world learned the important lesson from the Germans. We hear all about racism and how we don't understand other people but that is not the point. There were two very important issues that we don't learn about today. 1. The people in Germany were just like us. Everyday sorts of people. 2. The Racism was not the issue. The issue was that the people accepted and embraced the propaganda-which came from their government and their chosen sources of information.
That is what I think is frightening.
Regardless of the impending end of the world. Everyone should have an emergency kit. I read that on the FEMA website. Don't need no stinking $45 book for that. They did leave out the ammo however...


  1. yo i just made a 72 hour bag wat u need is a change of clothes um document(birth certificates) yada yada yada i have a mp5,a 45 revolver, 3 changes of clothes a journal , windbreaker, binoculars , tomahawk(it can be used as a tool and a thrown melee weapon),and some glasses a 2 hankerchieves one two wear on mouth other two wipe and a hat

  2. um i dont have my papers because my name stays in my soul


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