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Sunday, May 1, 2022

I make misjudgments and misalignments and have a tomato

I spend a lot of time driving around in circles.

My mind tends to wander. In order to keep from texting the President of the University with odd observations and pointless puns I have been designing things in my head. Due to somewhat lack of a connection to reality, or just plain bad judgement, my designs do not always turn out as planned.

Some years ago my wife bought a Harbor Freight trailer at a yard sale. Quite recently I acquired a John Deere Gator. 

I had a cunning plan!

My wife and I have been helping with the landscaping at our Church. I hate filling the pickup with lawn debris as it is annoying to clean it out. I also need to spray fence rows and black berry patches at our different hay fields. What if I had a trailer for my Gator? And, what if that trailer could carry the Gator and then be quickly converted to pull behind the Gator to haul debris?

I have been planning this for a month. Sure the Gator undoubtedly weighs more than the weight limit on the trailer but as a Farmer I know weight limits are really just recommendations. I also didn't realize the price of steel has tripled and plywood for the deck costs more than I paid for the trailer.

But, I was given bigger wheels to fit my trailer and I forged ahead!

Yesterday I decided to see if it would hold up. So I lifted the Gator onto the trailer with the forklift.

I think I have misjudged things a bit...

It actually towed fine. But, when I went to back the Gator off the trailer I discovered that the deck tilted down prematurely as when the rear wheels are off the deck, the front wheels are still over the pivot point.

Good sense would have declared an end to this misadventure as I now have a great Lawn Mower trailer. But, I decided to add a couple feet of deck space. It is not completely finished.

Of course this is the point where all my projects end up. Not quite finished. I still need to add turn signals, bolt the deck down. Make sides for the trailer. Paint it. Details... 

In other news, I had my first tomato of the season! It was quite sweet. I grew it in the College Greenhouse. The greenhouse is over run by aphids. I have tried Lady Bugs, toxic chemicals, lemongrass and soap, and this year I have ordered Green Lacewings. We shall see....


  1. I've had projects like that. Occasionally, maybe more by luck than design,, they work out. Lately I don't even start them.

  2. I have a utility trailer with a bed that tips. It's held in place horizontally with a pin. Hauling my ATV on it a few years ago I decided that tipping trailer beds can be a big problem. Now I haul ramps. It's one more thing (as in life) but far less unpredictable.


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