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Monday, March 5, 2018

A long winter

I've neglected my loyal readers.
I apologize.
Shortly after Christmas we took our bathroom apart. It has been a long process.
The MacBook Pro I use to blog with keeps dying.
Blogging with a LG-6 is not as easy as blogging with an iPhone.
I can't write what I want to write about my job.
Here is a glimpse of my life.
I have things to blog about. Like blowing out a hydraulic hose in the middle of the baseball field. Or frying the main drive belt on the Mule climbing a hill. Or planting oats at night and getting lost in the field because I can't follow little glowing GPS arrows or the fascinating details of my ongoing attempt be an audiophile and my obsession with the Rek-o-kut 120 tonearm. Or how I got my MacBook Pro to work again. Or my compelling and insightful views on politics. Or my worry that girls at my college will get a terrible draft in cold weather due to their poor choices in clothing... I'm sure these are all great blog posts and I owe it to the world of blogger to report on aforementioned events.
But, I'm lazy...


  1. Nice to hear you are still alive and well. I think you should consider going into competition with the one lonely farmer channel on youtube. You could call yours "one lazy farmer".

  2. LOL - Yes, Budd, inquiring minds want to know; better get crackin'!

  3. That's a relief, heard you were last seen being circled by a yellowfin tubshark.

  4. Just to think of all the excitement we have missed out on. Nothing like that over here. Just weird dry weather. No pressure, but I do enjoy seeing how things are over "there". Take care.


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