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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The man who could have won the civil war

I received an email from Patrick Cleburne yesterday. I found this to be somewhat disconcerting as I thought he died in 1864 and those blue-bellied Devils stole his boots.

Apparently he never really died but lives on sending spam emails to Yankees. I didn't click on the link. It most likely wasn't porn.
Cleburne proposed freeing slaves to fight for the Confederacy. I suspect he was right. People will always fight for their homes. In today's world we see slaves as in constant pain and misery singing negro spirituals and the women being assaulted by the evil white man.
I suspect that idea was more of an exception than a rule. Bad things and good things happened. Home is where you live and what is familiar I suppose.

Here is the quote:

"Satisfy the negro that if he faithfully adheres to our standard during the war he shall receive his freedom and that of his race ... and we change the race from a dreaded weakness to a position of strength.

Lots of interesting ideas in that quote.
Look at Europe now...


  1. "In 1864, he dramatically called together the leadership of the Army of Tennessee and put forth the proposal to emancipate slaves and enlist them in the Confederate Army to secure Southern independence" Would they have had the option to opt out of enlisting? Doubtful.
    No matter how well treated, every man resents being owned by his master. A problem with some large businesses today. Probably why it's better to work for ones self than to hire out.

    1. I think our concept of personal liberty now may differ from how it was understood, or if it was understood in past history. I don't think we can separate our personal bias about an issue like our 21st understanding of Slavery in the USA and talk about it objectively. For example... Slavery 200 years ago in the USA is the most reprehensible act to have ever been committed but yet the Saudis may have slaves and we don't all drive electric cars. I understand this is not a really valid argument but I hope you understand my point.

    2. The Saudis have only their nose in the 21st century. The rest of the camel resides resides in the past. They are still a tribal society with two classess. Upper and lower, where most rights under the law are held by the upper through birthright, with full control over the lower. But I do understand your point.

    3. Third class women. Fourth class outsiders all inclusive of imported labor, infidels, us.

  2. If they'd had that idea in 1861 they might have avoided the war altogether.


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