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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The things I do for...?

Yesterday I downloaded a decibel meter app.

Forklift is the subject of measurement. 371 Detroit.

We are cleaning out Alfred's house. His bed is in pretty bad shape.

At 1:30 pm I found out wife's sister needs to stay with us as there are problems from her knee surgery. I need to build a wheelchair ramp by 10 am today.

2:45 pm

9:30 pm

And I'm getting around this morning. Just one more cup of coffee.
I had traded for enough wood that so far I only had to buy deck screws.


  1. Neat app! I'd consider ear plugs if you run that fork lift for long though. Good work on the ramp. I've rarely bought new lumber or nails but have to admit those new deck screws sure beat the heck out of nails when it comes to holding old lumber together.

  2. You had a forklift. Why go to the work of a ramp?

  3. Very nice gesture. Kind work under pressure is more kind.

    1. Ah, but a crisis is the only thing that gets me to actually do any work

    2. Now that, I can identify with. Got lots of time, leave things til the last minute and then work under pressure. I know its not the best but its me.


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