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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nothing to read here today

My goal has been to post daily. Some days I have nothing that would be interesting.
I've been working on my grain drill so I can do no-till planting.
I'm selling a little hay.
I'm avoiding making pig feed.
I'm avoiding various customers because they annoy me.
I would like to rant about politics and church issues but I shouldn't.
I have no photos.
I'm not listening to any interesting music.
I'm not reading books.
I'm not playing with legos.
The sky has been blue.
I have nothing to say...
I should be working on posting key words so there are at least interesting advertising.
I did overhear the bearing salesman going on a rant about Chinese bearings. If I heard correctly the made in America label means nothing because the critical assemblies are made in China. For some reason the ball bearing steel is generally crap. This is true even though the formula for the steel is patented and owned by a major name bearing company. No one knows why modern bearings are of lessor quality than older bearings but more and more people feel this way.
Research, we demand research and investigation. It is a conspiracy I say!


  1. Ad is for "trenchless sewer lines". Is Papa Google so clever they've read between your lines and come up with keywords "(fillintheblank) are crap"?

    1. Perhaps it is what you have been looking at. What is a trenchless sewer line and doesn't it sound like a bad idea? Is it just another way of saying it just pours out on the ground?

  2. They are still pushing home insurance ads at me. And if I was to post daily about the vast expanse of nothing that my daily life encompasses, I'd probably lose readers.
    And maybe Chinese steel is poor quality because it is made out of our re-cycled rusty vehicles and farm machinery? Just a thought.

    1. My readership increases if I have something interesting for a photo and write around three paragraphs. It is good at one paragraph and a good photo. No photo and a ten paragraph rant and it drops.
      I think Chinese steel is poor quality because they just don't care all that much.

  3. The ad is for a Commodore 64 Joystick and Clorox Disinfecting wipes (scented).

    During my long gig I worked for a $1B commercial construction firm. They purchased their promotional hats from China. I continued to ask why they did not support American manufacturing and the answer remained "Chinese hats are cheaper." That was interesting since all our work was in the US, not China. China also makes most of the building 'fasteners' which goes way beyond screws and nails. Think about Chinese ball bearings and fasteners the next time you ride the elevator to the top of a new high rise. This concludes my comments, and I, too, have little to say. The sky is blue here today, too.

    1. I'm also getting the Commodore 64 Joystick. I already have one.
      I do worry when I ride a new elevator. But Chinese stuff either comes out of the box defective or it lasts six months or so. There is a definite life-span. So the elevator will fail in two years or when ever the company that installed it is out of business or changed suppliers.

  4. Replies
    1. My wife has been massaging essential oils onto my forehead which is supposed to increase brain function. I don't know about brain function but I like the attention. Sort of like the dog. The oils smell funny which has made me the brunt of many farmer jokes. I just laugh at them and offer to hug them as really the joke is on them. I'm getting a massage from my wife and Sunday she made a pie. Um... I don't know where that all came from. Oh, you smell obsolescence, I smell like a hippie commune. But... Hmm, must concentrate....must have got the wrong jar this morning...

    2. ah yes.. the hippie oils. now that we know you are under their spell we'll see how they affect you. *begins to take notes....*

  5. Sip trunking for dummies is my ad. I find vehicle batteries are crap now as well. A good winter kills em.

    1. Absolutely on the batteries. I've had three sets of tractor batteries fail this winter and two sets are only two seasons old. The batteries I removed to put the now dead new batteries in were like 20 years old.

  6. And here we went and destroyed all those high quality German ball bearing factories during the war. But that has little bearing on your post.

    1. Maybe we could get them from someone up in the Aleutians. Those folks have their bearings straight.

    2. Muddy, Someone's been watching Hogan's Heroes. "They just hit the ball bearing factory at Hammelburg," says Hogan.

      Collie, well they do have the Bering sea...

  7. are they bearings from Timken?
    second set of bathroom basin faucets [one installed today other installed previously] failed on the first try.
    i tell daughter that they are made in china by people who have no running water or plumbing.
    same with their electrical products-- made by people who don't have any electricity.
    deb h.

    1. I missed part of the speech about Timken but they are the ones with the patent of the bearing steel I believe.
      I phones are also made and programed by people who either don't use them or use them for playing games.


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