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Saturday, January 24, 2015

I once had a website

Ten years ago I set up a website for the family farm.
I used a hosting service which now has become iPower. Over the years I have had problems updating the website. Finding a person who does web design and who is interested in what you are doing and who wants to do a website and make it work are far and few between.
People who want to impress you with their computer skill, show that their system is superior to yours, and like to work in windowless room surrounded by action figures are pretty common as are girls who know all about design but do not care enough to learn anything about your product are pretty common also.
Of course you then have to pay for something that is really not quite right.
What this world does not have are people who listen to you and then turn your idea into a reality. As in making it work... If you can do this you can be a writer, a designer, a welder, a machinist, a webdesigner, what ever you want to do, because nobody listens anymore.
So it is back to the concept that if you want something done you must do it yourself.
The problem with iPower is that they decided that they could make more money if they just made it impossible for you to cancel your account with them and to bill you a year in advance.
The only way to stop their service is to go through multiple layers of passwords and screens and a toll free number that puts you on hold, or to cancel your credit card.
The down side is that I lost the domain name.


  1. I'd get a new card and cancel that one, rather than let the crooks win. I'm stubborn that way!

  2. Another thought - can you get your credit card company to quit paying them?

    1. Yes you can. However, never give any company permission to make automatic bank withdrawals. The bank will not let you stop the payments short of canceling the bank acct. & opening a new one. They will tell you that you have to go through the 3rd party since you have given them your permission to make withdrawals. Been there, done that.

  3. I have changed my CC number twice now. For much the same reason. Call them & contest the charge, tell them you think your card has been compromised & you want another number. You will get the number immediately & the new card in a couple of days. It's a good idea to change CC numbers once in a while anyway. It clears out all the times you have used it in the past where the info might have been copied & is in some thief's list waiting to be used.

  4. I'm too cheap to pay for a website. I did have a free one in the early days but it disappeared or I lost interest. And it does seem like the only people willing to take the time to show an interest are those who see potential profit in that time spent. Otherwise, move along.


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