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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Every Farm Should Have a Forklift part five

So... I purchased new tires for my White 2-155 tractor with which I pull the no-till grain drill.
The no-till grain drill essential to maintaining winter/spring cash flow.
I have work to do as soon as the field dry out just a little bit more. Meaning next week.
All I need to do is fix a couple bearings on the drill and change the hydraulic pump on the 2-155.
But... I got the wrong hydraulic pump.
I am getting the 2-155 FWA ready with I got from Smith and Smith in Mo. (The wrong half of MO. The Yankee half rather than the Southern half.) This the tractor that they took the FWA apart and discovered the CV joints were out and then put it back together with new oil seals which now leak.
I have to lift the front end up to rotate the front tires to add oil to the hubs. Or I have to mark the level plug on the tire and drive ahead till it lines up.
However, I have a forklift...
Forklifts are the best farm tool ever

Today I need to hook up the drill and make sure all the fertilizer stuff works and check for loose bearings. Then I have to put the dual on the tractor. This is kind of a pain in the rear as the former owners cross threaded the hubs/let the duals work loose.
As soon I as I hit my half-way-to 1.2 million mark I'm buying a White 175 with 2,500 hours.
And a sprayer, and a small truck, and an irrigator that works , and a combine, and a White American 80 FWA for my daughter to rake with, and a 1095 stacker, and a 1992 Ford F250 diesel, and....
Then I'm back to square one....
Have a nice day...

1. I made $1.75 yesterday from Adsense. Thanks for clicking. Don't remember what the ad was for.
2. I see on my phone app for Google Analytics that two people visit my site as soon as I post. I am wondering if this is some sort on monitoring by Blogger or is someone sitting at their computer 24hrs a day waiting for me to post. Perhaps bored ex-farmers in a NSA compound hidden deep in the bowels of the earth. The monitor exclaims, "that weird farmer dude has posted a Legendary Stardust Cowboy song, get out the terror color coded dart board and alert TSA for body cavity searches! Whoot! Whoot!


  1. There is no Yankee half of Missouri. Only those heavily German settled areas (Union) and all the rest.

  2. I was trying to be really offensive to people from northern Missouri

    1. It worked :)

      I am about as far South as you can go and still be in the Northern half.....

    2. Nothing personal. Have some bitterness...

  3. The evil wall street bankers may have the check deposit smart phone app you've been wanting to go with your fork lift. Their headquarters is in North Carolina, so you have the solace that they aren't Yankees.

  4. Yes, I need a forklift, but I think I will have to go with a skid steer first. In a perfect world I'd have both.

    1. You should have one of those that are a cockshutt turned around backwards. Is it called a brick buggy?

  5. That is one tool I've badly needed 100 times here in the past 11 years Budde. Maybe some day but it is still LOW on the list of priorities...


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