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Friday, August 15, 2014

What really went wrong with Robin Williams

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He took the only honorable way out...


  1. I don't understand your post.

  2. My children were the appropriate age for Mrs. Doubtfire and we watched it many times. They memorized the entire script. You could give them three words and they would go forward from there. I've always thought of the birthday party with the animals and the his explanation that families have many compositions. As I've aged and my family contents have gotten weird I've often thought back to that scene. While all of current family charges have not been my first choice, I thought the movie explanation good. Somehow I woke up and found myself sort of a grandfather to three kids who look nothing like my family and who are better versed in a language other than English. The loss of MD2 is unfortunate.

    1. I'm sorry Art, I found Mrs. Doubtfire to be a very disturbing movie. I find the idea of dressing up as a woman to be near the children that you are separated from due to your inability to accept adult responsibility amusing in a kind of ironic sort of way but also quite creepy.
      I could go on as I was forced to watch it multiple times but I shall desist.
      Also, Robin Williams was reportedly quite opposed to sequels and I just don't see how you could drag out a one joke move into a series.
      I choose to mourn Lauren Bacall.


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