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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The last bale in the last field and then the stacker catches on fire on the way home

 I had 10 bales left so I brought them home. 
The two speed wouldn't shift into high so I just ran it up against the governer which got me. 35 mph,
 Half way home I looked in the mirror and saw flames.
I stopped and got the fire extinguisher out and sprayed it down.
Someone came out of their house and was quite agitated so I drove off again.
Made it another mile and got more flames,
The straw burns on the exhaust manifold and then drops down behind the oil filters.
I raised the bed so I could get at the engine and started digging wet smoldering straw away from the engine. It flared up again .
I called my brother to bring another fire extinguisher.
I finally crawled underneath and hit the underside of the filter housing with the last of my water.
My brother followed me home. No more flames.
I have it insured for 45,000 bucks. Thought about letting it burn...
There has got to be a better way to make a living.
I have only a minor burn...


  1. Blogger is having trouble tonight, so if you get two comments from me just delete one. I was an accountant in the oil and gas business for twenty years. I'd say being a farmer beats that, even with equipment fires.

  2. Yeah, but you might need it again next year and the money might not buy what you'd think.

    1. Actually... I would have to take that money and buy something else or loose it to the Gubment. I would have to buy a newer stacker. $40,000 would go a long ways. But, nothing ever works like you think. Instead of $40,000 I'd end up with $5,000 and a the same sold stacker that I have. Only slightly charred stacker.

  3. If you were an IT guy you're spend all your time trying to fix broken things and put our fires by talking on the phone to India.

    1. But they would not be ACTUAL fires, with real smoke and real flames.


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