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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Only in Oregon, Morons shoot cow, beached whales

I have nothing to say.
It is hot and I overslept...

I noticed that cops are not that great at handling livestock. Provoking the suspect into freaking out so you can shoot em is not the best policy when dealing with an angry angus. I bet the cow's owner actually said, "Shoot me, I can't take it any more," after watching all the people shouting and freaking out his cow, and the officer just misunderstood.
No time to step back and rattle a grain pan or grab a bale of alfalfa or call scooter boy it was a crisis!

Somehow, naked goddesses swimming at the beach does not really appeal to me.... I have seen a lot of Oregon women who think they are goddesses and well, I just hope Captain Ahab doesn't show up cause there will be more than one Great White....


  1. I am concerned. What would you be googling to come up with these articles? Get started on those pipes.

    Grace and peace.

    1. I really would not want to share my search history

  2. those are amazing news stories. i wonder if the city will have to pay for that guy's cow? we dont have anything like that goddess swim around here. it just ain't fittin...

  3. Other people's work is interesting. Mine just breaks up the day.

    Last time I saw a goddess swimming in the moonlight the proper verb would have been wallowing.

  4. No disrespect to the fair maidens of Clackamas Cove, but she was half Tamworth and beautiful to behold in a bacon porn sort of way. Unfortunately she was on the wrong side of the fence and I had to call in the authorities which at that time would have been myself and a border collie. We did not shoot her.

  5. I looked up the keystone cops rodeo the keystone cops rodeo story and it appears the cops may have tried to use their cop cars to corral the cow. Also, it appears the cow had run all the way through town and was back or almost back in ag land before the cops were able to catch up and shoot her.

    1. I should do a whole post on this one story. It was insane. All they had to do was not freak out the cow. Get out and walk slowly keeping distance and leave a gap where she needed to go...

  6. Just another reason they should be issued trombones instead of firearms.


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