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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It would seem, the term "too old to rock and roll" is no longer applicable in modern life

Daughter and I went to see Joan Jett at the State Fair.
It was quite the cultural experience for her.

I pointed out that I was once in my twenties and listened to that "hit and roll" music.
She seemed to find this quite amusing.
We went up from after the show to try and score a guitar pic. A roadie gave her a set list.
Lulu and I were doing a little head banging during the show and it must have caught the attention of Ms. Jett who  made eye contact with Lulu. Lulu was thrilled.
If she starts wearing hot pants and singing "little liar" I will rue the day...
Joan Jett is pretty amazing, she can't be that young anymore, but you wouldn't know it.


  1. Without a doubt Joan Jett is one of my favorite rockers, and frankly speaking she's a great role model for young women. She's strong, talented and has worked hard at being successful in a predominantly 'guy' profession. Yes, she's no longer young but that just goes to show older women, too, that there's work to be done other than watching "The View." That was a very cool thing for you to share.

    1. Joan Jett is pretty amazing. Lots of energy and gives off the impression of having a good time up on stage.
      In looking at the youtube videos of the Runaways I notice that she always wears the most clothes.
      I will not watch the movie about the band.
      Joan Jett seems to be pretty much a self-made woman.

    2. She's really great, and she's the real deal. I echo what Art said and also your comment about her being a self-made woman. She's been very successful and has had a long career doing what she loves. She's never sold out to trends - she's always played straight-up R&R.

      She's not just a role model for young women, but she's a role model for anyone with regards to working hard and being successful. A lesson many young people could learn from.

      It's great you went with your daughter. Scoring a set list is a MAJOR score, congratulations!

  2. Did you bring your hearing protection to the show? I should have had mine at the wedding dance last night. The oldies my age were out on the floor really moving to the music, but LOUD!

    1. Ralph, I forgot earplugs! AND it was loud! I didn't have anything, no tissue, no chewing gum wrappers, nothing at all.
      I find old dudes rockin out to be pretty funny, even tough I am an old dude myself.

  3. She must be hitting the State fair circuit hard this Summer too.

    1. She did 70-80 minute set. Sounded to me that she is going to go on tour this winter. State fairs promote the main tour?

  4. I never heard of Jon Jett. Must have been after the 70's which is when I quit following groups. It's good you got to go with the daughter.

    1. Joan Jett was part of a girl band called The Runaways some where around 1976. She was something like 16 or 17 at the time.
      The band faced a lot of discrimination because the record industry is full of sexist, racist, and generally evil people.
      What makes her unique is that she has worked very hard, to the point of starting her own label and selling records out of the back of her car, because no one would sign her.
      And, she seems to absolutely love what she is doing. Simple, straight forward, high energy rock and roll. The stuff you don't hear on the radio.


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