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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Can you make sense of these random photos?


(Bottom photo is just stock footage I am actually having a cup of coffee and thinking about church, really!)

Hint: The broken spring and the photo of a tire are not a cause and effect situation.
Bonus points: if you can guess the dollar amount involved in this one day's misadventures!
Double bonus points plus a pat on the head and a kind word: if you can politely explain in algebraic terms the relationship between strokes per bale, the day temperature, number of bales that are flat and not on edge, and the number of time the stacker operator has to stop and beg forgiveness from the Almighty for anger management issues.


  1. 1. You stacked hay...
    2. Until something went wingin' off the whatzit
    3. Then you got a flat and..
    4. Something greasy
    5. Then your phone crapped out on you...
    6. So finally, praise heaven, you got a drink. That reminds me that I should have a gin and tonic.

    thanks, brother, looks to be a hell of a day.

    1. Yesterday...
      I have now changed the order of the photos to reflect the misadventures in chronological order.
      Also, there is a serious issue with the stack that only a fellow stacker operator could understand so that is perhaps not fair.
      But, you pretty well got it...

  2. My algebra skills were so dismal in high school that the teachers suggested I drop the class. Looks like the bourbon and coke was the best part of your day. You and I need the same anger management issues resolved I guess.

    1. Yup, I was thinking of your problems from the other day.

    2. Budde, that is one advantage of getting old. I can't remember what my problems were a few days ago. And today is relatively stress free so far. The sun is shining and I got my chem fallow sprayed without getting stuck.

  3. I would think those end bales are not supposed to protrude from the stack, and that looks like hydraulic fluid on the loose. How about this formula:

    Anger = ((temp - 75F) x (strokes / 15) x balboa bales out of line) ^ number of breakdowns

    And subtract the !?$& balboa that autocorrect inserted.

    1. Ah yes! Very astute observation. The bales sticking out of the back of the stack indicates bale length issues, which means tie layer issues, but there is an exponential relationship between the number of times I have to exit the cab, flat bales, temperature, etc.
      And yes, a HUGE hydraulic failure.
      A white fog which enveloped the cab and sizzled on the exhaust manifold...

  4. 1. Easter Island Pac-dude sculptures. Amuse bicyclists and NSA.
    2. Bored cell phone plays tricks on owner.
    3. Tire got bit by snakes.
    4. Hydraulic hose. Snake-bit.
    5. Using spring steel antennae to disrupt drone guidance.
    6. Sugar water porn.

    Looks like you won a trip to town.


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