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Monday, July 28, 2014

Raking with a pickup truck

We had an inch of rain of rain last week. It went from 90 degrees to rain, to back to 90 degrees. Sort of odd for Oregon.
The straw is turning yellow.
I've been having a bit of trouble getting stuff done.
Lots of talking, lots of little things that don't work.
Saturday I attempted to grind feed.
I have five customers demanding feed.
It is sort of difficult to get the peas out of a tipped over grain tank.
Mid afternoon people started calling me to see if I'd tedded (fluffed) the grass straw I'm going to bale.
I ran the fluffer on our fields at home it is a wide awkward thing to haul down the highway and I figured they got less rain on the other side of the hill.
At five p.m. I decided I had to do it.
The tedder/fluffer that I was using does two windrows at one. It has a number of rake wheels on a wide frame. The wheels are set at a slight angle and the frame is straight across the windrow, rather than at a steep angle like a wheel rake. The wheels lift up the hay and as you go faster it also kind of spreads it.
It is 16 feet wide and the wheels are set wide apart. It is a pain to pull down the highway.
On the other hand, you can do 25 acres an hour.

Sunday Lulu and I went to Antique Powerland. We went early for church. They should have turned down the gain for "Jesus is the one and only", a little distortion on that one, but a good effort.  We spent the whole day. Didn't win a free bicycle. Listened to Southern Nights put on a country western show. Funny to see a bar band in broad daylight... No banjos...

Now it is back to work. Looking forward to that 90 degree weather and thousands of straw bales to stack...


  1. A neighbor used to do all his farming with horse-drawn equipment and an old WW II jeep.

  2. I have a neighbor "up north" who has a very old jeep that he uses similarly. The photo was interesting. It appears that the 8n is being used in lieu of a load of concrete as "weight." My 8n has not been out of the shed since last fall. It seems that I needed to do some sort of fluid change. With the step-up transmission it will do 40+ down the blacktop but I find that terrifying. It's the sort of tractor that really wants to dislodge it's rider.

  3. Some fast hay raking there. Some guys here used to spray their crops with F150 two wheel drive pickups.


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