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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Picking up apples killed my uncle!

I figured it out!
Uncle H, was in great shape Saturday. We were fixing a waterline. He didn't feel like digging the hole and asked me to help. It was 90 degrees.
Later we had coffee time and then he cut some steel for a customer.
He was doing fine!
Then he decided to go home and pick up apples.
Now I've watched Hercule Perot and Inspector Morse, and White Collar and I know a clue when I see it.
I figure it was either aliens or apples.
I did not see any aliens so it had to be them apples.
How about them apples!
Apples killed my uncle!

Here are some photos from the last couple years...
I'm gonna go have something with corn syrup and wheat gluten. Perhaps I'll lock my dog in the car for a while...

Edit: Uncle H, did not want his photo on the internet. What happens? He dies and it is everywhere. Didn't even put the censor bar across his eyes. I swear (or rather, I affirm) I'm going get a phone call from him and he is going to tell me to take his photo down. I'm going to be like, "but my brother did it! Your grand daughter did it! They ain't gonna listen to me, have Aunt Elsie tell them!"
(Not that anything like that has ever happened before...)


  1. I've lost a number of seniors. Not all contact me after the fact but there have been enough that it's possible. Don't expect the phone to ring. It sounds like you've already received the message.

  2. I told you not to use my photo on the internet!

    1. It was my brother! Your grand daughter, your daughter in law, I only did it once or twice, call them, I knew this would happen.... Oh man, I wasn't in the shop, I didn't leave the grinder on the bench or not sweep up the sawdust, I've been outside, running a tractor, I can't hear my phone, no I don't have the receipt for the plywood for the door, lets just let that one go!

  3. Not sure what my uncles (Don and Roy) might say about being on the net. I put them out on youtube anyway. I like to think they would be kind of proud that their image and music lives on to be seen and appreciated by viewers from all over the world.

  4. And stay out of those part bins if you aren't going to write up a receipt!

  5. The apples weren't GMO were they?


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