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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Why you need to teach your children to lie

The New World Order is a little difficult for us honest folk. We were taught, and we teach or children to never tell a lie, to confess mistakes/rule violations, and to respect authority.
This puts us at a huge disadvantage since idiots run the world.
Click here to read about a child doing the right thing...
Look how much trouble he got into.
All he had to do toss the gun in a trash can and deny, deny, deny, and then not remember.
"Never admit, if in doubt forget..."
Slogans to teach your children!


  1. This is one of the reasons we are homeschooling...
    Thanks for posting this article.

  2. I remember taking a gun to show and tell :>)
    Not really but I did keep a 22 rifle in my school locker while I was refinishing the stock in a wood class . Of course that was in 1954 . We still had common sence people in charge then. And my Dad was Chairman of the school board . We had rifles /shotguns in our vehicles . Hunted rabbits , Gophers , What ever was in season . We all carried pocket knives . I do not recall any incidents of murder or mayhem caused by our now unacceptable behaviour . Matter of fact we did rabbit drives in the early 50's as a fund raiser to send our HS Marching Band to Portland Rose Festival . Jack Rabbits were worth 50 to 75 Cents each . Truck loads were shipped to ND to Mink Farms . We did Rabbit drives two winters in a row to raise the money for the band trips .
    Can you imagine today turning loose 50 jr high and high school kids with shotguns to drive rabbits in to a tight circle Then firing towards the middle to kill the rabbits ?
    Of course there were a few adults along . Local farmers hauled the kids out to the oil field / ranfge land in the back of their trucks . No seat belts , nearly every kid packing a 12 ,16, or 20 gauge shot gun .
    What fun , and it helped out the sheep and cattle people running live stock on the BLM land .
    Today there would be a swat team dispatched to stop us , EPA ,defenders of wildlife , friends of Jack rabbits would chain them selves to the sage brush to prevent such atrocities from happening .
    Sad world we live in .

  3. It is simply a matter of following the example of our elected leaders and media talking heads.

    Grace and peace

  4. They did not expel him yet. they are giving him a hearing. It is possible that there may be saner people there. Yeah sure.
    The people sitting on the board are most likely the people who lobbied for the policy.
    What is it with the need to regulate our every action?
    What we need is just one more law. One that negates all the others. I think I am becoming an anarchist.

  5. we used to live in new ken about 23 yrs ago. that boy's granddad was our mechanic!
    the schools around there were famous for being at the bottom of the barrel academically. don't know what they're like now, though.
    it's one of the factors that led us to homeschool, which i had never heard of in modern times. i thought we'd be the only ones in north america homeschooling!!
    wow! it was an eye opener after a tiny bit of research to see that thousands were homeschooling!
    deb h.

  6. i also meant to say that the wise man hides himself in time of trouble and i no longer consider to be wrong to teach kids who and what are evil and to obfuscate unless a direct lie is called for. then tell it! they know you are protecting them and that you are honest in all other ways. if only the jews had cottoned on to the nazis quickly! lying could have saved their kids.
    deb h.
    p.s.- i got all excited about news from new ken. sorry.

  7. "In the first place God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards." --Mark Twain aka S. Clemens.

  8. The world has changed a lot , or else I am very old. I remember taking a 9 mm luger (replica) to school. Also received a toy derringer at one of the school christmas parties. Nobody thought it unusual. Toy guns were just fine in those days. I never did get that "red ryder bb gun"


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