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Saturday, June 14, 2014

What I found in a barn

I am picking up over bales for my neighbor. I took a peek in his barn.
People have interesting old junk in their barns.
This was high-technology in 1935.


  1. The milk cows came out of my barn several owners ago. The farmer hung up his tools, his equipment and started repairing diesel engines. I like to stand in the barn, climb the ladder into the loft and listen to the wind and hope the cows are there when I go back down the ladder.

    1. I miss cows. It is funny how you remember the pleasant aspects. The smell of molasses and clover screenings and hay and the sound of chewing. Shoveling poop and building fence and chasing escaped cows at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning or 10 p.m in the rain, are also memories. I suppose having animals would build the kid's character. It would be good for them. Dad mentioned that Sunday.

  2. I assume it's some sort of mechanical feeder?

  3. Bet in its day it was a real time and labor saver.

  4. Looks like it goes up & down & it tips, but away from the feed bins? What's it for & how is it used?

  5. It is for feeding silage. A track runs from the silo next to the barn, around the inside of the barn in front of the mangers. You shovel silage out of the silo into the cart, pull the cart to where the cows are waiting to be fed. There is a chain hoist type mechanism so you can dump the cart without it tipping to rapidly. Pretty ingenious really.
    The farmer said when he was a kid his friends and siblings would pull each other around the barn and it was quite entertaining.


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