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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The view out my window this morning

I'm officially an old fart. No stereo in the stacker but I just bought an air ride seat. Tired of having a sore back for the past 15  years.

Note to faithful comment leavers. I talk  to you but the blogger phone app is crap and most of the time I lose the comments. 


  1. Air ride is the way to go. Got it in the Magnum and combine and its more comfortable than the lazy farmer's rocking chair.

  2. The seat was horribly expensive but I am hoping it makes it a little better on my back. When those old springs would bottom out it was pretty painful after a while.

  3. Maybe you can you make a quick release base & use it on one of the tractors too. :-)

  4. Faithful Reader , Lousy commentator . Musthave something todowith two finger typing and lousy spelling skills . :)

  5. Two fingers and a dumb thumb . Always the after thought.
    Sort of like the guy that always say's , "Wish I would have said that " :>)

  6. dang, wish I would've said that. :)


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