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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Driving a stacker, watching old television, nerf warefare, icecream, all in a day's work down on the farm

My daughter always beats me at Super Mario brothers.
She is at times somewhat smug about it and says it is because I am old.
Last week I let her drive the stacker.
I told her was just like playing the Wii only a lot more fun.
She found it more difficult then she expected.
You do have to manage the throttle, computer, bale pickup, ground speed, and watch for things to go wrong and you have to steer the stacker to pickup the bale.

In other news...
My wife left Lulu and I alone to watch Grandpa whilst she and her sister went to a concert. All went well. We watched five episodes of "All Creatures Great and Small," on Amazon Prime or Netflix or something similar. I wanted to watch Benny Hill some folks find this offensive.
Lulu and I played Settlers of Catan. This started out fine but soon degenerated into violence when that dagummed duck that has been following me started quacking.
I rightfully claimed elder abuse after receiving an called for assault in the form of a nuggie, which seemed to really upset the duck who then quacked very loudly.
Grandpa found this very amusing and then went to sleep.
The violence continued to escalate and Nerf weapons were called into play.  This continued to the point where Grandpa was caught in crossfire. (Contrary to what you see in the comics, Nerf suction cups do not stick to one's forehead.)
Grandpa gave a very loud harrump! Looked around briefly, and then went back to sleep.
True to our nonresistant background and training, the reconciliation process was then began, this involved chocolate ice cream and all was right with the world.

In other news: I see that Ed Winkle had over 4,000 hits a day to his blog. I had 45... But then again, I think radish is a week and I don't have a John Deere no-till drill.

Also, what is this obsession with Soccer? Real Americans don't follow soccer. While I do root for Pele, I frequently make fun of the annoying neighbor who hails from Austria and whose son plays for the Portland Timber's. I also think it is funny to get supposedly open minded people to laugh at gay jokes and proclaim their hetro-sexualness, and then laugh at them and accuse them of being closed minded.
The country is going to heck in a hand basket. Drinking wine, riding bicycles, hanging out in Portland, playing soccer, getting confused about which team you are supposed to be on....the metric system...


  1. That was an amusing post :)

    Around here the girls seem to like the old Farmalls more than the Deere.

  2. It looks rather complicated running that stack wagon. Almost as if it requires an engineer and a conductor.

    1. I had the computer set to pick up three tie bales and then tried to pick up two-tie bales. Then I tried to reset it while driving, then it jammed up, then I had to push reset, then the bales piled up.
      When it is running on automatic it goes pretty fast.

  3. I didn't know Pele was still alive. I figured he'd probably died in some revolution somewhere.

    1. Pele is the only answer I have for any and all soccer discussions.


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