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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A blog written using speak text with my iPhone

My iPhone has speech text it's supposed to be really cool. 
I'm using it right now.
Hi am multitasking 
I mostly use speak text to get the computer to type out slightly rude words or words that used to be bad when I was a kid like Heinie I said Hiney!
Speak text is a pain in the bottom to edit because the iPhone has no arrow keys. 
The iPhone is probably the most popular smartphone because the other smart phones probably really suck.
I don't think it's popular because it's really really good mostly because it's just not terrible and you can actually use it most of the time. 
I want with my iPhone because I am too busy to use my MacBook and because the MacBook battery is dying and Apple in their great wisdom made the MacBook with a non-user serviceable battery. 
So this is an unedited blog post using speech to text.
I think it is mostly readable and sort of makes sense. 
And now back to what I mostly use speech to text for
Heinie butt big baby but Wenas flat you late didactic dispensationalism wiener
And a selfie I'm doing a selfie
I am so totally yesterday rather than last generation previous century yesterday is good for me


  1. You are getting very modern and high tech with this smart phone. My phone is not a smart phone. Although some days it is still smarter than me I think.

  2. could be the best blog post yet. also you said wiener.

  3. He also said heinie and butt.
    The photo is undeniably you!
    I have a stupid phone. It won't even work in the valley here, and when I am elsewhere I can hardly hear it as the volume is very low even when it is in speaker phone mode.
    It has no camera. I am safe from "selfies".
    I am not sure why I have it, as I have only broken down once and had to call for a tow.

  4. Would you allow your I-Phone to guide your tractor with this kind of performance?

    Grace and peace.

  5. The day will come when you can stack hay by guiding your tractor using your iPhone from your hot tub. Just remember that if the wheels leave the ground, it's an illegal drone.

  6. I was told the iPhone 5s has a direct link to the NSA and they track your every movement. I can imagine the conversation at NSA. "Dude" this guy drives in circles a lot. Yeah, and at like 3.5 mph. And he keeps doing a search for White 2-110 on craigslist. While drivng in circles. Whoa, a creeper, Literally...


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