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Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm an idiot

If you read this afternoon's post...
So I got all self righteous and emailed my complaints to the fellow church member I thought was my friend who was on the school board. I might have been a little harsh...
So I got back a bunch of condescending BS and the understanding that they were making an example of my wife cause they tried to cover up issues in the past and so need to make a statement.
And now I am going to have to find a new place to attend church.
And I don't know what to do with the excellent letter we wrote detailing the actual events. And my wife is justifiably angry with me and I'm feeling kind of ill. Worlds Collide!
The world I want to be true and reality sometimes meet....
This post will also go away.
This blog may go away...


  1. Don't end the blog; where would we find pictures of corn? As for all the drama, remember the phrase, "and this too shall pass." Hang in there.

  2. now now, brother, easy does it. churches are, by definition, full of sinners and everyone makes mistakes. repent, forgive, and if you have to find a new church that is just fine. just keep your eye fixed firmly on God. but yeah, you gotta keep the blog going b/c where else would GS. Muddy, Collie, me,and everyone else get our news and pix of corn?

    you want me to make you a plate of those pie crust roll ups?

  3. I check your blog more often than sites that are really more important to my life but I enjoy your commentary and heads down approach to work. I walked away from my church many years ago for what I considered it's failure to take a stand on human rights but God came with me when I left. There are a lot of church buildings and a lot of faithful friendly people. Some times everyone's underwear starts to chafe and it's time to change.

  4. Organized religion has a long history of controlling and slapping down creative thinkers and honest questions, and giving the self righteous a place to wiffle bat folks with condescending BS. Don't let them get the best of you. If the good folks in that congregation can't be be bothered by a little introspection and fairness, moving on is not a retreat. It's their loss.
    Read some Walt Kelly, bake Admiral Nelson's fruitcake, draw up this little saga in a steam powered robot flipbook comic. Or not. Just please don't throw out your inter-friends with the weasel pack..

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. What collieguy said except: Stay away from the fruitcakes. There are too many already in existence being re-gifted.
    All too often organized religion exists to serves the organizers and often the individual is secondary. Politics and religion are much the same. The Catholic church being a glaring example.

  7. Apologize if you have to, take it back if you must (wish I could have read it first, though), but please, please, please don't go away this blog.

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  9. Ditto Mr. Durand's comments.

    I haven't abandoned the blog for lack of weird old country record reviews; rather I tend to read it late enough that I usually feel I would be commenting after the fact. On a related note, I passed on The Best of Bobby Bare, vol. 2 today at Goodwill, Corvallis. Bad decision? Only other thing that looked interesting was a bunch of Slim Whitman stuff. Una Paloma Blanca (as heard on Rush back in the day) is really the only Slim song I'm familiar with.

  10. Don't know how the link got posted in the last reply , but I guess they do make great books . I have a pair , will takes lots of BS and keep on keeping .
    Now to the point . I missed the post , probably just as well .
    Just want to say , keep on posting , I like the blog , warts and all .
    I often wondered why churches are so narrow minded and petty about some things . Seems like they loose sight of the Faith , Hope , and Charity of things . Charity or Love being one of the most important tenants .


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