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Friday, September 27, 2013

Shut it down....You worthless politicians don't have the balls to shut it down...It is all theatre...

I just saw on the news that the demos are calling the republicans terrorists over this debt limit baloney.
I join with many other people in the country to say, I don't care, let the economy crash again.
I've heard all this noise about the budget, obamacare, excessive spending, if it is as bad as you say it is then have the guts to SHUT IT DOWN!
If we go broke we go broke...
I mean essential services will never actually stop. They will still find the money to do machine gun raids Amish farmers people who won't shoot back, bomb crazy people around the world, not enforce border security, (other than take away your pocket knife at the airport).
I've got 150 bucks stashed in a fruit jar in the backyard and I have just installed a woodstove...

In other news, three or four inches of rain on the way, 30 acres of corn left to chop. We did 350 tons yesterday.


  1. Shut the government down? They couldn't work without (official) pay for a few days? I would think they could survive quite well on the lobbyist gifts, bribes and graft money they receive each day. Let them eat silage!

  2. I don't remember the 1995-1996 shutdown being all that exciting. Pay the nonessential people and send the essential people home, now that would add some excitement.


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