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Friday, September 6, 2013

Randomness on Friday

I actually helped my lovely and gracious wife with some carpentry work this summer! She built a pergola, which is a porch without a roof.
Today it is pouring down rain.
My little helper and I will most likely pick up irrigation pipe in the rain. Something I am really looking forward to doing.
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  1. The page makes a lot of sense about our policies not making sense. On the other hand, it is the American way to do things that do not make sense. Is not the purpose of a roof to provide shelter? Relax on the porch in a recliner and mull it over today. :-)

  2. I've a job for you as a carpenters mate if you want it!

  3. I hope you got all the required permits for this addition. Remember there are millions of government employees who depend on raising your taxes so they can help you make decisions and choices.

    Grace and peace.


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