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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sometimes I get bored chopping silage

I was cleaning out my tractor cab and found some relics from last silage chopping epic. Snickers wrappers, Farm Show newspapers, random scraps of paper with phone numbers on them, pop cans, and so on.
When I'm chopping I hate waiting for trucks to come back from the dairy for another load. I like to keep busy. While waiting I greased the chopper, sharpened the knives, washed my windows, read Farm Show magazine,  and then I started doodling on a pad of graph paper I found in the cab.
Here is one for the banjo players. It needs a caption. I do not know what inspired me but I drew Robots.
For some reason I had a lot of trouble sizing the picture to fit the blog. I hope someone will tell me if it appears too large.
That thing in the lower left hand corner is supposed to be a Robot Chicken. It didn't turn out so well... This is more of a washing-machine engine powered Robot. i'm not so sure about the whole concept.


  1. Looks like a picnic gone bad. I don't think you can really grill a robot chicken with the beer can method.

    Good thing he had those shorts in his robocloset.

  2. Not bad, you are multi talented Budde. My drawing does not compare. I think my chickens could scratch out a better work of art than I.
    I don't get bored driving tractors, sleepy maybe. Heading out for a relaxing afternoon in the Magnum with the good old CBC talk radio for background to keep my awake.

  3. It fit the blog very well & when clicked on was enlarged. Nicely done. When you drew it, which came first? The banjo or the robot? And where's the chicken's robotic egg?

  4. Collie guy, it started out as a robot dog and went down hill... The chicken would be high in iron I suppose.

    Ralph, I don't get bored really driving or chopping. It is the waiting 5 or 10 minutes for the truck to get back for another load. I pull a dump box but that loads pretty fast. Then I sit and wait for a truck.

    Muddy, It was the arm. I was doodling pipes with round things on the end and I thought it looked like a robot arm. Then I needed something to do with the arm.

  5. That drawing is actually excellent and kind of defies being confined by a caption. A few suggestions anyway...

    Play it and maybe they will leave.

    "Stardust cowboy, stardust cowboy, legendary stardust cowboeeey"

    Get your Bachelor for Life degree at the B. E. Shepard School of Music and Mayhem.

    Peddle faster. I hear banjo music.


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