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Monday, June 27, 2011


We baled another 675 bales. Half of them got rained on. I stacked them anyway so the neighbors wouldn't see them setting in the field. I think they will mold.


  1. Is there a crop more heartbreaking than hay? All the promise, all the work, and then when it goes wrong you have to pick it up and deal with it and there it sits. I've never personally known a hay bale to spontaneously combust, but I've heard it happens.

  2. I parked the stacker and baler right next to the stack in the hay shed in the hope that it would in fact spontaneously ignite and all three would go up in a huge blaze of potential insurance claims. I doubt that will happen. Actually I'm afraid I will someday succumb to spontaneous human combustion but that is a whole other story.

  3. I almost spontaneously combusted once during a meeting, trying to collect on a claim with an insurance co. and their crooked lawyer. Which reminds me of the terrorist's ransom letter. "We have taken 20 lawyers hostage. Pay us or we will release one lawyer each day".


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