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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In case you were wondering how it all turned out...

The family returns at 2 a.m.
I fixed the washing machine but knocked the vacuum hose loose that runs the switch that shuts off the water when the thing fills with water. It was a good thing I was more or less watching the washer. I flooded the laundry room anyway.
The neurotic dog thought I had a gun and ran away again. I tried calling her but she walked to the middle of the road in front of a car and stood there staring at me. The car stopped. The dog looked confused.
I actually had a really big screw driver and was prying the clamps loose that hold the electric motor to washer transmission. I wasn't angry or anything.
Earlier she ran away when my helper opened the pickup door.
I used to really like the dog. Now it is just getting annoying.

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  1. That dog sounds annoying alright. I've got cats like that. They won't give me the time of day unless it is feeding time. Otherwise they look at me like I'm some alien life form coming to destroy them. Used to be the farm cats were so tame and friendly I'd have to push them out of my way to get any work done. Maybe its just as well this way.


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