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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I think it is going to rain again

We chopped clover silage yesterday.
This is red clover which will be combined for seed later in the summer. The early growth is cut for silage and the plants regrow and bloom more evenly later in the year. This bloom is left for seed production.
The farmer swathed this clover Saturday and then there was quite the thundershower on it. It was soaked all the way through the windrow. He started raking it ahead of the chopper but the 1945 Morrell rake just did not really pick up the windrows. We decided to stop raking after unplugging the chopper a few times. It does not like big piles of wet clover.
I started at 2:30 in the afternoon and quit at 9 p.m. We chopped 12 loads with tandem axle trucks. Probably 11 ton loads. I had to wait for the trucks as it is a five mile haul to the dairy. It is hard to find neighbors to help haul this year. Most people have trucks with trailers which do not dump well in the dairy's silage pit.
It looks like it rained this morning but I'm going to go and try chopping a little early. We shall see...


  1. Can't have you going without a comment. That just wouldn't be right.

  2. Anonymous, thank you very much Anonymous commenter!

  3. Lots of hay and ensilage have been put up this week finally in southwest Ohio.


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