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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I now have a lemon tree

I ordered a lime tree for reasons relating to the term Cuba Libre' but we will not go into that one at this time. The fellow showed up with two lemon trees which we were going to trade for chicken feed. There was one that was a cross between a lemon and a lime which had lots of buds and this lemon tree. I took the lemon because he said it was more winter hardy and because I needed cash more than I needed a lemon-lime tree...
I kind of wish I would have taken both. Perhaps he will come back...
In other news we are planting BuckWheat. I'm not sure what you do with buck wheat except make pillows and pancakes. One of the more crusty old farmers asked me what the h..l do you do with buckwheat? I said, "it agitates Alfalfa," he didn't get it, he was too busy swearing about something. My employee was just setting in the truck shaking his head and laughing. "You are so weird," he said.
Here is a photo of my brother working ground that is almost too wet to work and it is June 12th!
For those of you from the midwest who think that harrow is too small for the size of tractor I will note that once it loaded up properly I had to put it in 4wd to pull it at 5.5 mph. Heavy clay pulls hard!

Also, check out this blog I found at random. She seems like a nice lady. Takes lots of pictures. Has some interesting photos from New Mexico. Look back a couple years. There are some interesting wide photos from WWI.


  1. Like the hired guy, I understood the reply. Should I be worried?

  2. Just so they don't start calling you the crazy lemon!


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