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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am done with spring silage! I guess it ain't spring no more neither...

The neighbor started calling me the "4th of July Silage Company," I told him if he was 52 he'd be a deck.
We repaired the disk mower and mowed enough for five loads. After four loads I discovered a bearing out in the header of the chopper. I GPSed the field and we had 4 acres left.

Bearing was an easy fix. It gave us time to mow the rest of the field.

This is the best bearing puller in the world. It has a cage that you tighten down which holds the jaws tight against the offending object that must be pulled.

We finished the field at 9:30 p.m. I suppose I could have gotten more on the truck if I would have really tried.
(what do you all think of my post title? Does a triple negative make a positive?)
Now we must do hay!
At Muddy Valley...wonder if there is any way to check the weather at Muddy Valley from here at home? Hmmm....

In a side note: my neighbor was giving me a little crap about taking so long to do the silage. This was not because of our garage sale farm equipment but rather due to the dairy guy not wanting to run long hours and the fact that the fellow who was supposed to bring his truck to help me did not show up. Our usual plan to deal with the dairy fellow's short days is to get three trucks and just swamp him and then I turn off my phone.
This year I rented a truck and my helper and I mowed, chopped, and trucked it all by ourselves. We only had two real breakdowns. There were broken shear pins and blown hydraulic hoses but only that is all in a day's work. Not bad for the first Hesston 1340 sold west of the Rockies, A New Holland 900 rescued off a dairy that had not run for 15 years and a pickup header we dug out of a manure pile. Not to mention the White 2-135 that I got from a fellow because the motor was blown. The 2-155 I actually paid money for.
Bottom feeding at its best!


  1. Doesn't look lazy to me at all. I remember hauling bales of that stuff in the back of a pickup for days on end. Thanks for the reminder of what I'm not missing. :)

  2. Is that a home made puller?
    American ingenuity at its best. You deserve some down time now.

  3. Sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow!

  4. Robot, thanks for visiting. I kind of hate baling hay.

    Bobby, it is a Posi-Loc bearing puller. It was kind of expensive. $150 or so I think. However, it works really well. The cage holds the jaws so they can't slip off the bearing. You can take advantage of a very small lip that could not be used by a standard puller.

    Gorges, I just want to be done...

  5. Tracked you down from your response at Eye ... Poly... Your Hereford pic (yes?) with the censor box over the eyes is a laugh, and along with the blog itself, brings back memories (as a central IL farmhand, with the polled variety of the above, in a previous stage of life). Not perfectly clear to me why you responded positively and self-reflectively to my comments to JJ, Esq. Feel free and elaborate in some venue. I am hard to track, but if I see something relevant from you here, I can perhaps followup. That JJ responded negatively is unsurprising, given my initial heavy handedness. But one assumes, if one blogs, that getting called out is part of the game. In any case, hope some "substantial" good was done there, somehow. Sign me, still, [ concerned_about_ substance ]

  6. Concerned, Thanks for your interest. Yet is a non-polled Hereford. I think its name was Murgatroyd. (long story) Feel free to make any comments-whether you agree or disagree. I think you raised valid points. I tend to get a little off-color and think I'm being funny when I really should just shut up. I had just left such a comment on the Eye which I don't know if you saw. It made me stop and think a bit about my "testimony."
    I have had criticism in the past and reacted negatively. What I didn't think about at the time was that there was a third party involved who didn't need to read my disagreement regardless of my conviction that I was in the right.
    I've decided there is usually value in most criticism and it is my goal to learn from it. Although I sometimes fall to the temptation to ridicule the commenter.
    My audience is pretty limited as I do little self promotion.


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