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Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Club Diplomacy

Someone should write about what influences diplomatic and political decisions.
When I read a lot of spy novels, If someone was say the chief of staff of an important diplomat or a former president's spouse and it turned out their father was an important KGB officer, and there was a scandal and plot twists and then there would be a love crisis, and it would be a great story.
What if you just change a few of the settings and plot devices and set it in the 21st century? 
Does anyone think we could possibly have engaged in regime change and bombed a country due to a plot line out of a dime novel?
I suppose after the sad and bizarre events of the last decade of war anything is possible. Especially if it sounds like a comic book plot.
But I am just a farmer and not important and I know nothing...

I really want to buy this movie on eBay but I lack the $35...


  1. I read the article. Kinda smacks of conspiracy theory.
    To much $$$ for one carton!

  2. Muddy, The article sounds conspiracy but... I find it quite believable that the decision to abandon a long time ally could have been influenced by someone's chief of staff's mother. So the there is an uprising. The CIA is playing spy vs. spy and doesn't have a clue. So they are casting around trying to find something and someone says her mother is a prof at the university and they get her on the phone and foreign policy decisions are made. Is that any worse than a coin toss?

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