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Monday, June 6, 2011

Father-Daughter time

My daughter is 10 years old. She just returned home from a visit to her Aunts. I think she grew two inches while she was gone.
Lulu, as she as agreed to be called when discussed on the Lazy Farmer, inherits my insecurities. She does not think her cousins miss her when she is gone and would not go over to visit them as they had company. She said she would rather hang out with me.
So we took a four wheeler ride down to the river and shot her wrist rocket sling shot. I taught her the proper technique for climbing hills and cutting cookies in the gravel with the 4-wheeler. You must lean to the inside so you don't "high side" the 4-wheeler. Kind of kick your butt over to break the rear wheels loose when you hit the gas.
She has a spot where she likes to go down to the river. The cousins and her were playing an elaborate game on the river bank before one of them fell in and nearly drowned. (I pulled him out. I think the cold shock of fast running water was a good lesson for all...)
We were skipping rocks and shooting the slingshot when we spied a dead deer in the river. I actually shot it with the slingshot thinking it was a log and then I smelled it. We decided it must have jumped off the river bank and broke it's neck. Who knows.
We were going to investigate a large bad smelling fire up river but Lulu needed to harvest her crops on Farmville so we went home.
I attempted to BBQ the last two steaks but got distracted when my wife's iPad refused to connect to "Idlewild" network. (it's an airport basestation-get it Idlewilde)
I burnt them but we ate steak anyway.
And now it is Monday and back to work.

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