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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chopping silage in the rain

It didn't start out raining. We were a little hard on the field but got it done. The last two loads I had to drive the chopper and box to the road to load as we would get the truck out of the field. Why do I always find fields with mud and hillsides?
I think I should have told the farmer not to swath his clover this time. I was not looking at the weather forecast and neither was he. (obviously)


  1. Budde, at least you were able to do something in the rain. Most of the things I want to do can't be done in the rain. Worst of it is that it was no significant rain. Just the kind that keeps me standing on edge wondering if I should head out to the field or not.

  2. Ralph, well I shouldn't have. I made when heck of a mess in the field. Skipped it today. Worked on the grain drill and was depressed.


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