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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another rant about moral values so just click on by...

I had some interesting comments about Google Analytics vs the plain old stats which I may go on about later. One of the sites that sends me the most referrals is not the site that brings repeat readers. Most just click through with an average of .10 seconds per view.
I had a story about attempting to no-till 30 acres of fescue and having the fertilizer pump rupture and spray a fine mist of humic acid all over my drill.
But instead I'm going to rant about useless people and my lack of Christian compassion.
We were chopping our alfalfa field today when my employee's family came down to the river camping. He had asked me in advance and i just mumbled an affirmative answer as I like his kids and didn't want to think about his ex wife. I see the whole crew show up. Usually they are driving, I kid you not!, a late seventies big old station wagon, but today they had a early 1980's chevy pickup.
I really dislike his ex wife and so when the deaf and slightly lecherous elderly neighbor man showed up looking for his cows, I sent him down to the river where the ex was camped. Apparently she was sunbathing topless and he came back quite excited and animated, talking about naked women and getting quite worked up.
Very amusing!
He also mentioned there was a guy there who said he was married to the employee's ex-wife. I asked Mr. B just why the dip..t was camping in the middle of the weed. B said that he had quit his job and the whole family was living on foods stamps, welfare, and B's child support check.
I sort of got agitated. I am working for no wages, living of sales of chicken feed and no-till planting so B does not go to jail for lack of child support payment or lose his house, and where does the money go?  So his slut of an ex-wife can get child support and go camping on our river while we are working our bottoms off.
His ex has something like three bastard children added to the three she had with him and she is married to an absolute idiot who I am happy to say, treats her like crap. She gets money for doing this. AND she has pride, she is a mother!
Now here's the deal. She says would never be a prostitute. She says that is offensive and she has pride.
What a joke. A prostitute provides a needed service and is deservedly compensated for her efforts. I imagine most provide a good value for the money and probably have good customer support. I can never make use of one due to my issues with people I don't know violating my personal space but I'm sure they have made many a man happy for that glorious instant between gratification and guilt but now I'm getting off subject again...
B.'s ex wife uses sex to get money from men and from the government but is not honest about it. I have respect for a prostitute, I have no respect for the ex wife.
Then there is the husband. He has patterned his life on Southern Rock songs and mid 80's country western music. He looks at porn with his kids. He is an amateur tattoo artist who put a tuna-looking dolphin on B's daughter's leg.
Apparently I was starting to get worked up. I think B thought i was going to go kick them all out. In fact I was... He told me to think about his kids and how much they loved the river. He said the ex and her husband didn't matter. I pointed out the $$ I loaded him a few years back so they rent house together as part of their reconciliation process and how she screwed him out of the $$. I reminded him of the $$ I loaned him to get a lawyer so he wouldn't end up in jail for not paying child support. I suggested the only use for his ex-wife and her idiot husband was as tasty protein supplement in a science fiction movie. He thought that was funny the situation was somewhat diffused.
Then I thought about my earlier post about God and Church and Christians and I calmed down a bit. I only said perhaps four swear worlds.
Later I was listening to the "progressive" talk show and they were making fun of Christian people for believing in an old book of faerie tales. I kind of had to laugh. They believe in things like string theory, and man-made global warming (or cooling depending on which theory is popular) and have their own mythology. It is better sounding and more modern in many ways but it has less positive means of social control. No ten commandments cast in stone.
I suppose that is the problem. No one ever got past the cultural anthropology 101 course when your learn about creation myths or past Philosophy 101 where you learn that religion is used to control the morons. You never get to the point where you figure out that can't escape bias or that you can't escape control of some sort.
So we tossed our belief system and let the peasant classes go back to screwing and fling excrement on at the walls and feel good for being intellectuals and above it all.
Somehow I should have been showing the love of God to those people. They need to be in a church community. They need to believe in God and think of a higher purpose than how to get the next can of beer. Have standards of cleanliness, and learn not to defecate and sit back down in it. Not to have sex in front of their kids or let there underage kids have sex in front of them because that just results in unwanted children and social diseases and just general messiness and unhappiness.
Our society needs to encourage them to accept this benevolent form of control. I could see them in a good revival meeting. I know they drove halfway across the country to a faith healer because one of the bastard children had rickets or something. (Did not work so well.)
Unfortunately I am a failure as a Christian. I can't talk to them without baiting the guy in to telling me what an idiot he is. In fact I can't even talk to the ex wife at all. I just get angry and have to leave.
What good is all my talk if I can't have compassion for idiots?
I just don't know...


  1. I think the Bible says something about not trying to reason with fools, but I can't remember where.

  2. Central Oregon GrownJune 16, 2011 at 7:56 AM

    Hey didn't you mother tell you that life wasn't fair...I gave up a child at 19 wrong timing and
    at 33 my next child died at age one and I wasn't
    blessed with any more...but I worked 40+ years and supported all those others out there, I too don't mind the children but it is the lazy parents I have a problem with, looking for a hand out not a hand up. Now at 19, you can just
    go to the welfare office, get medicaid for the
    medical bills, money for an apt., money for school and money for babysitting! What a deal. Something wrong has happened to our country and we can only hope that the children
    being raised by you and others like you with
    good christian morals out weigh the others.


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