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Friday, April 16, 2010

The sun is out and most people are hard at work

As a lazy farmer I have thought long and hard about sitting in a rocking chair. I really think I rocking chair is more traditional than a lazy-boy or a beat up old leather chair. I do have a really good rocking chair but it is hard to balance the iBook while rocking. Plus, you can't slouch in a rocking chair. Also, I can't move to the front porch in the summer anyway as I must shirk my responsibilities in secret as there is quite a lot of discrimination against lazy farmers in my neighborhood. Also, if I were to set on the porch people would come and talk to me which would be a bad influence on the neighborhood...
I went and looked at my hay fields yesterday. They are so wet I had to hire someone to fertilizer. But, i found a lone camas plant. I instructed the sprayer guy to stay away from it but I suppose it is as good as gone...
In other developments, Sadie dug out her pedal tractor. It looks like she has gained some pedal tractor horsepower over winter but... This may be the last year for pedal tractors as she is growing like crazy. Next it will be boys and pickup trucks and loud music. She will probably run off with a banjo player and we all know where that will end up. Well, it could be worse... I certainly hope she does not bring home one of those fellows who vehicles thump loudly when they go by.
I also went to look at my big 100 plus acre planting job that was going to put me on the road to paying off my drill. It is 75 acres of ex-CRP ground and it is so steep I think I need a D-8 to pull my drill. Oh crap....


  1. Camas must be some strange exotic plant from the south country. I don't think we have it here.
    Rocking chairs used to be for "old people". I've inherited one that belonged to a great Uncle many years ago. I value it but not for it's comfort. I'll stick with my well upholstered la-z-boy type chairs for comfort.
    It will soon be time to spend long hours in the comfortable seat of my tractor when spring planting begins. I sure appreciate those air ride, foam padded seats. A far cry from the steel pan I started out on years ago. Back then standing was more comfortable than sitting most of the time.

  2. Ralph, camas is a native plant to the western states. Not sure if they have it in BC. Probably grows near the Washington border area. Likes cool moist soils. Indians ate the roots. It is pretty rare these days.
    The sprayer guy says the landlords son got is pickup stuck right on top of it. You could barely walk in the field it was so wet. Plus-I plowed last fall. Who would have thought to work on the gates at this point in the year?


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