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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things which are painful to read and make you wish you lived in a different time...(of your own choosing)

What the FBI does not investigate and the sort of thing that has a direct link to 911 and is not in Iraq or Iran or any other foreign country that we can spend trillions on a pointless war to liberate people who don't really like us anyway and didn't want to be liberated anyway...
Click here for link... How would you like those folks for your neighbors.
Meanwhile, back at the Keystone Kops headquarters located in the Winston Smith Memorial building, they learn of impending danger. So now M-80's are weapons of mass destruction and local idiots are considered to be a dangerous threat to anyone but themselves... (Which is not to say that they SHOULD be allowed to have guns....) But, look a the other article...
Click here for the moronic "terrorists"
And of course the ladies who blew themselves up on the Russia train were just normal ladies with NO religious affiliation....
I just watched a PBS documentary about the Pacific Campaign and the invasion of Japan. We were a real country then and we made tough decisions. Now we are this group-think, new-speak, new-think, parody of a George Orwell novel. How the mighty have fallen...


  1. Not your usual tale telling. I was gonna use the word verbiage, but I didn't know if that would have been the correct word. Got to get an online dictionary that can run in the background.
    Times have indeed changed. The news of the extremist has not been enjoyable. I was under the assumption that these people were always there and were just not given the publicity. It seems that there will always be some group that will want their way, and will attempt violence to get it. Kinda like the inquisition. If you make it a belief/religion, then you are doing gods will. So it is ok. People will hear your side, understand and let you go on your merry way.
    Too many people are using religion as a means to an end. Their pastors/imams end. I was once told that religion was a means to control the masses. As I see what's going on with the pope and his company, I see it becoming more and more true.
    But I digress.
    Yes I would like to live in a different time. Back in a time when all I had to do was wake up, get fed by grandma, milk cows, tend the chickens,and relax under the fresh blue sky.
    Back in the days of the party line. The phone, not the political religion. When all you had to worry about was what to do with your free time and what did that cloud look like.
    But as I look back now, that was my free time, my parents and grandparents had to work. Had to be somewhere at a set time, Had to keep the food on the table.
    Them are the time I miss. The times with family, friends and neighbors over the holler.
    Sadly those times are gone.
    People move on, some to another state and some to a higher state. We just have to keep working. Day to day. It's what is expected.

    Enjoy what you have today, because no one can assure you of tomorrow.

    Nice talking to you.
    Will write more when I can.


  2. It is the fluid definitions of who and what is considered an extremist that bothers me. Of course public opinion has always been manipulated and the past often looks better with selective memories. You live your life a day at a time. It can always get worse.


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