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Monday, January 4, 2010

Why William Tell has been disproved and How I explained the Undeniable Virtue of the Oppressed to an 8 year old

Sadie was having a hard time getting to sleep. She wanted to crawl in bed with Mom but that did not work out. So it was suggested that Dad read her a story. I was already looking at the pictures in Emil and The Detectives and so we took that to bed. It is the 1941 hard cover printing and it has all the pictures and the forward and the description of the German words and the names of the characters and I started out reading that.
Well, we came to the term "darkie." I stopped my reading to tell her not to call Negros darkies and then I realized that was the wrong term and I said black people and then I said well you just don't use a person's skin color to describe them as a person. So then she asked why and I said that from time to time those folks who know more than us decide that what we are calling another nationality is disrespectful and they change the name. Then we have to learn new names and some of us get confused and call them by the wrong names and feel silly, but people can call white people any name they want.
So she asked, "why is that."
And I said it is because of the Undeniable Virtue of the Oppressed.
And she said what is that. So I launched into a discussion of classim and blah, blah, blah and from the bedroom a somewhat annoyed voice says, "you know that kid with ADD that is really just a little brat but he gets away with everything cause he needs medication. That is what it is..."
And I said, "You are listening to us?"
And she said, "I hear everything you guys talk about..."
So Sadie seems to understand. I did point out that as a girl she could use this concept to her advantage but she wanted to hear who William Tell was.
So I looked him up on the internet and who would have thought. They have now proved he didn't exist.
I kind of wondered what they had against the man and the legend until I read that William Tell is a powerful symbol of Swedish individualism, culture, and nationalism. Now these are unacceptable terms in the Orwellian 21st century so of course the legend of William Tell must be marginalized.

"He was the amulet to which they clung through the second World War, and the man who gave meaning to their decision to spurn the EU and the UN. And the more stridently the Swiss emphasised their difference and independence from the rest of the world, personified by the man with the bow, the easier it was to gloss over the glaring differences within..."

And then I realized why Richard Dockens and company work so hard to marginalize Christianity. The truth or falsehood of the religion means nothing. The existence of God does not matter, rather it is that Christianity as a means to control the population is no longer popular with the clever folks who know more than us.

Organized Atheism and modern Science in a nutshell....


  1. Nearly every myth begins with at least one grain of truth, plus (related slightly to that)I've heard it said that all sterotypes are basically true. From working on my family tree, I've also learned that oral history can be surprisingly accurate. The bottom line is that the existance of William Tell can no more be proved (or disproved) than the existance of God. The existance of most of my ancestors can't be proven before 1700 or so either, but they existed or I wouldn't be here. I guess the bottom line is: people pretty much believe what they want to believe and the facts be damned.

    Maybe I'll make a rant on evolution before long.

  2. Exactly! The William Tell legend was taught for years as the truth in the Swiss School system. Now that William Tell has become a rallying point against the lefts favorite causes, UN and EU, the evils of Nationalism, the evils of individual identity, of course it must be EDUCATED away!
    The exact historical truth of the legend does not really matter, it is the will to believe in it that does!
    Oh my, that does sound cynical doesn't it....


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