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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three posts in one day...

I don't know why I keep ranting about the Haiti BS. It just raises issues with me. Then I end up defending people I don't really like.
What is interesting is the amazon cloud widget. It is supposed to come up with buying suggestions based on keywords in my blog. Why does it recommend the "Glee" sound track. That is a totally stupid show and I am so glad we can't watch it on the TV. Oh, the "gay" character is so oppressed and so misunderstood. I'm more than just a tad homophobic, but yet I think that these token characters are actually more offensive than I am? The alternate lifestyle people I know in real life are pretty much regular folks. But, I guess that does not make good TV viewing...
Now here are some keywords I would like to see.
Hydraulic Flow Control
Lego train
Marx toys
Webb Pierce
Jon Pertwee
Johnny Kidd
Tesla Coil
Norrin Radd
James Joyce
He that pisseth against the wall
I just tossed those last two in there to see what would happen. I like to put the later into Bible search programs. Hmm, that is a bit juvenile is it not?
Just a little free association. We will see what amazon does with it.
In retrospect-Perhaps a good psychotherapist could do something with it as well.


  1. I have decided that I won't send one cent to Haiti, though I'm sure I'll be labelled as crude and uncaring for doing so. Here are my reasons:

    1 - Pat Robertson isn't ENTIRELY wrong.
    2 - I saw the young guys push the women and children away from the food truck, then destroy valuable food out of ignorance.
    3 - Young men were attempting to break into an orphanage to steal baby food from the supplies for the children.
    4 - Because the U.S. refuses to just bring supplies and dump them in a big pile and leave them for corrupt officials to "distribute", the president of Haiti complained that the United States is trying to take over his country.
    5 - There are hungry, homeless people in THIS country who are in REAL danger of freezing to death, SO, any money I have to spare goes to THEM!

  2. I think a discussion of the character the culture of a country would be interesting. Different countries develop different national cultures and attitudes.
    I suppose that building a revolutionary committee by killing a pig, drinking its blood, and dancing around a magic tree, would get things off to a different start than having an impassioned debate on individual liberty...
    It would be interesting to know if this really makes a difference. I suppose you could not even study this without being labeled a racist.


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