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Friday, January 1, 2010

A song for the Nude Year-er New Year!

Perhaps 2010 won't be such a crappy year after all. I have actually accomplished two difficult tasks this morning. I am soaking wet and slightly annoyed but yet strangely optimistic.

I made up a song about it.
Sung to the tune of "I shot the sheriff"

I started the Studebaker
It was not all that e-a-sy!

I started the Studebaker
It took me five cups of cof-f-ee!

I started the Studebaker
and then I moved the Vista off the river-bottom

I started the Studebaker
And now I am positively giddy!

What a way to start the New Year-as personal triumph and a song. If only I had a banjo...
Ooooh! I should also start the Triumph!

What I did was fix the flat tire on the Studebaker Cruiser and charge the battery. I sprayed a little starting fluid in the intake and she fired right off. I even had a sound track. I did a big no-no and left my Tom Petty cassette in the tape deck. IT started right up with, "Sometimes this world just seems a little hopeless..." I do not dare to ruin this fantastic radio shack stereo as you cannot buy dual shaft radios that will fit in the dash of old cars. Plus this one has a input jack for my ipod!
The flat tyre was also a problem. I found a tyre repair kit which is the kind you stab a patch into the tyre. Fortune was with me and the tires were only like 2 ply cheapos so it was not so hard to stab the patch through the steel belts.

 I didn't actually drive the car as I got distracted.
I was thinking about tires and I realized the our 1967 Minneapolis-Moline G1000 Vista that once belonged to John Fogerty (or his brother or cousin or something, according to the auctioneer-course they will say anything...) was still setting in the clover field with a flat tire. I had about 100 ft of airhose on the reel in my pickup so I strung it out to the tractor and waited for an hour.

The tire is so bad the side walls are shredded. I had to keep moving the tractor to keep the tire from leaking. I barely made it up the hill into the pasture before it was clear flat. I turned the tractor so the tire guy could get to it. I love that tractor, I wish I could restore it.

I am waiting for my friend from High School to call me. He is visiting for the holidays. He called and said he would come visit me. I suggested lunch at the Amity Cafe. This will not happen as I started to add up the time from where he was when he called to what he needs to do and the other people he needs to see and where he planned on going tonight. It is nice to have goals and it made me feel pretty darn swell that he called me. Perhaps I will drive the Studebaker in to have lunch. The tags are pretty much expired but perhaps I can get off with a warning if caught. If is a 1964 Studebaker. Obviously I don't drive it much and I have proof of insurance as I forget to de-insure it.
I do have to be careful about driving it as the green idiots that run this state have mandated alcohol in the gas. Alcohol in the bloodstream is fine. Of course in this advanced modern world they have got it all turned around. Alcohol in the bloodstream is now considered bad but alcohol in the gas is GOOD! Go figure...

Edit: 12 people have viewed this blog since this morning. But-does anyone comment? Look, you can say something rude if you want, I don't care. Just my luck, I find the 12 lazy farmers left in this country and they follow me. You could at least click the offensive button. My easily offended follower seems to have given up on his little hobby...


  1. Great hood shot of Studebaker moth killer. Not sure if I'm busting etiquette posting to non current blog, but wanted you to know some of us out here in Lazyfarmerville really enjoy tales laced with that sort of detail. Man, the tire on that G1000. I have SO been there...

    Been up in Twin Cities playing fiddle and banjo. Lotsa music, no internet. Minus fifteen degrees. Good times.

  2. Comment to your hearts content. I get an email if someone comments so the comment is not lost. I just like to know people are reading me. I get insecure.
    I tried to talk the cousins into forming a cowboy band. I had Joey lined up on the guitar, nathan on the harmonica and the designated yodeler and Michael on the standup base. Brother nominated Sadie for the vocals. Then Michael decared he wanted to play trumpet. The idea of a Polka band didn't go over so well. Nathan doesn't want to play accordian.
    They think their uncle is sooo weird!
    Glad you are enjoying The Lazy Farmer. How was the whole full moon New Years event?

  3. New Year's eve was great. Mock radio broadcast, all local talent including skits of general silliness, a Mark Twain impersonator, lotsa good eats and drink. We were the house band. Did pull out the dijeridu at midnight, got the folks to howl some. Best dancing was after the thing officially ended. We kept going and a bunch of young folks really cut loose with everything from break dancing to wild gyrations. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this radio station project.

    Fed and paid, it's the banjo player's life.


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