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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My luck...

Perhaps you have been following the long drawn out saga of my International truck engine swap. It was actually a lot of work to put the engine out of a 1974 truck into my 1971 truck. Same engine, a 478 cu inch v-8. Lots of different airlines and oil lines. Took us a couple days to do and redo all the hoses and connections on the engine.
SO we backed it out of the shop and pulled it alongside to put the hood on. Then I went to back it up so I could pull back into the shop. It wouldn't move.
It turns out that the auxiliary transmission decided to fail. The day I get the engine to run the 4 speed dana-spicer "brownie" takes a crap on me.
The thing is, it was popping out of second gear. I tried to get my former employee to pull the top of the transmission to see what was up. But he thought it was too much work to raise the bed, put the block under it, and pull out the six bolts holding the top on. I know I should have done it myself...
There is probably some sort of job that I am good at that I could get paid well to do. I just don't have a clue what it is.
 -Oh, and then I dropped my 2-month-old cell phone in the bathtub. I've had it two stinking months and I can't get an upgrade for another month.  I liked that phone. I had the photos I took at antique powerland when we got out private tour yesterday. I had some really good Sadie photos I didn't send to the Verizon photo depository.


  1. I got a subscription to your karma. Weather system from Winnipeg down to Amarillo. Ice storms here, power out and they're telling us two to three more days to restore, elderly parents who insist on staying in an unheated old farm house with no heat or water instead of letting me take them to a motel, but hey.... I've taught the Poet Laureate of Iowa to play the BANJO! Life ist goot.

    Put a CD of Walt Koken on and have at that transmission with your favorite wrench and hammer. "Way down yonder in jaybird town, everybody happy and just steppin' around; way down yonder in jaybird town they don't even wait til the sun goes down..."

  2. I envy your mechanical ability. Anything more than changing oil or hanging a muffler and I'm in over my head. I did once get a manual and put new bearings on the rear axles of my '79 GMC pickup, but that was the high point of my mechanical accomplishments!

  3. just have another shot of bourbon neat and it won't semm so bad!

  4. Collie fellow, I found a recording of you folks playing Bonaparte's retreat. Have been enjoying that this evening.

    Gorges-mechanical ability my bottom! You do what you have to do. You had to install bearings, I had to install an engine. The key words are "had to." But, thanks for the kind words!

    G706-I have but one thing to say to you, "hic!"


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