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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Keystone Kops To The Rescue!

The insanity continues.
There was an incident at our big city airport where a passenger refused to store his bags and the stew freaked out. So they scrambled five jets and escorted the plane back and did not charge the guy-yet.
I found a quote from this article at CBS news:
"by ToolMangler1 January 6, 2010 11:00 PM EST
because his egocentric stupidity caused two F15s to scramble (Full afterburner) to the Airliners position, Diverted the flight and had to reimburse the Passengers for their time and troubles.  Somebody has to pay for that. (do you volunteer?)"

So should the public be mad at the guy who wouldn't stow his bags or mad at they system that turns a customer service issue into a multimillion dollar fiasco but still lets mad bombers fly with no questions asked....

And this Just in off the Google Search: Plane diverted to Portland after sex maniacs argue with Stewardess! It would seem that a couple from Seattle wanted to get it on in the plane bathroom which I guess you just can't do in this day of mad underpants bombers. Of course, it is totally not allowed to argue with a Stewardess or a TSA employee so back went the plane. It will probably be counted on some sort of success story for the brave defenders of the USA. Along with all those pocket knives and nail files and little bottles of shampoo that they have been taking away from people.
They have not found any exploding underpants yet, well at least not soon enough to matter...
Edit: That story was from November 2007. It showed up with the search for the most recent fiasco. Internet searches can turn up anything! But, I don't have to be relevant as I am not a real news source for anyone!!!!


  1. We quit flying when we added a 5 tine manure fork to our instrumentation. Try to sneak that past a body scanner.

    At some point back in the 70's I got licensed to fly single engine fixed wing. Take off landing, take off landing on all the grass airfields I could find. Taildragger puddlejumper heaven. Lusted after a Taylorcraft BC12D, then logged some time in a Belanca Citabria with tandem seating and a stick instead of a yoke. Doggies, I is in love with crosswinds, updrafts and seat of your pants through the sky exhilaration. Upside down, barrel rolls and tailspins with Lowell Weir out of Boone.

    Flying Pig Fiddle & Banjo. We don't need no stinking booty scan.

    Respectful apologies to Blazing Saddles misquote of Alfonso Bedoya character in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) quoted from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre by B. Traven, 1927.

  2. The closest I've ever come to flying is touring miltary aircraft on the ground at airshows. Guess that's as close as I'll ever get now!

  3. I am afraid to fly at this point. I hate rent-a-cops with a passion. I would rather take my chances with terrorists...
    I doubt the manure fork would have made it past security unless you were wearing a turban and had it stuffed up your...
    So what do you think of them wooly pigs?

  4. Personal jury still out on wooly pigs. Will study at it. Pass the mustard, Ivan. In general I'm all for anything that helps keep the non mainstream breeds around...


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