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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The idiots who run our state...

The legislature in the Sate of Oregon is a bunch of morons. Our official state color should be purple cause we are a bunch of maroons....
See this article in the Wall Street Journal:

This outburst was brought up by a relative's impassioned plea to vote for the tax increases so that the handicapped will not have their funding cut.
I have to think of the other relative who worked for the state legislature who said the people she worked for were such a bunch of nice people. Nice people who are stupid and still stupid and make stupid laws and it doesn't really matter if they are nice or not.
So the Oregon legislature will not cut their bloated budget to fit the economic crisis, we have the second highest unemployment in the nation, and they want to tax the gross income on corporations?  The WSJ says over $600,000 but locals were saying $150,000 which would hit pretty close to home.
And of course they want to cut, libraries, and handicapped, because they sure as heck are not going to cut the bloated payrolls in Salem, or cut some staff like everyone else has had to do.
This great ideas in taxation have been put before the voters for approval. I have pretty mixed feelings. On one hand I think they should pass. I would like to see the people who voted for this stuff really suffer, see the state collapse just like California. But...the folks who run California don't seem to be learning so why would we? In the end, there would just be more taxes, the clever folks would be happy, we would be broke.
We are screwed.
This is why people left Europe and moved to America...
We are off to the AgShow. It will be dismal, farmers are all broke.


  1. I believe MOST states are run by morons, including my own. The scary thing is that they are ELECTED to do it! Can you believe how stupid WE THE PEOPLE must be then?


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