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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I think I killed my Blog!

I signed up with Amazon associates so you can search books mentioned on this blog. It seems to have slowed things down a bit!
Any of you folks with a slow internet connection please comment and tell me if you can still load The Lazy Farmer.
If so, please buy stuff from Amazon by using my Amazon search feature, or the Cloud thing widget at the bottom of the page.
Should anyone happen by who wants to support the Lazy Farmer you can buy me something off my wish list. Just looking at my wish list should provide entertainment...
Or you can just cut the crap and donate 1.2 million to me through my paypal link!
So, if anyone has comments on my shameless efforts to get rich-comment away! I have pretty low expectations but it is really entertaining to see what Amazon thinks I'm talking about and the links to books they provide!
In news unrelated to my lazy efforts to become rich... I am listing to iTunes radio on the internet. Specifically the station, Boot Liquor on SomaFM. They were playing "I want you to want me" the old Cheap Trick song and it was set to banjo music. It was pretty good but iTunes has become so complicated I couldn't figure out how to get the mini-player to stay on top of everything else so I can see what I am hearing. Oh boy... now it is Iris Dement, she gets old in a hurry! Earlier it was Jim Croce singing about the dangers of cigarettes, strong drink, and wild women. A worthy cause on a Sunday morning when we should all be in Church...


  1. Not dead, just loading slower and slower in Firefox. Dude this is getting to be one pimped blog. Like a MM UDLX gone lowrider. First noticed slowdown after shelfari showed up.

    I can do a drive-by read with icab, the extras don't load, but that's kinda cheating.

  2. I may have to trim it all down a bit. I think if you do the amazon search and then buy something I still get a kickback. But, you have to search and then buy, as long as there is a path back to me it still works. I don't think this is my path to riches. Perhaps I'll try this for a month and then try google adsense.


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