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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I get up on the wrong side of bed

I have issues this morning. We had a huge windstorm last night. Somehow Sadie has got it in her head that the tree over her room might fall on her. She also took a 4 hour nap yesterday afternoon. So she didn't sleep. She crawled in bed with us.
We all woke up at 7 a.m.
The TV went on right away. I take a few minutes to get going in the morning. The TV is almost painful. Curious George is kind of stupid, Sid the Science Kid is mindnumbingly  awful. It would be pretty easy to turn them off.
And Dad's website is expiring. We cancel the credit card for the automatical renewal and now I have to wade through the complicated mish-mash of
And we need to work on his website but how do you get that done? Look at and could someone tell me how to do a new website?
And then...I tried to check the mail for this blog.
I have used for years. I dumped my old hotmail account years ago when it got to be painfully slow. I discovered which was a pretty much bare-bones online email box.
Now it has been purchased by AOL. America Online is the worst online service ever. I think it defines the term bloatware. I used to enjoy the free coaster that they sent out all the time and I actually signed up with them from time to time to have internet access while traveling. The last time I signed up it was such a pain in the arse to cancel that I decided I would rather do a long distance call to OnlineMac here locally than I would do a toll-free call to AOL.
Modern internet services don't require carrying a modem cable. Wireless free internet has help block the pain and suffering of the slow and annoy AOL interface. But, now has brought it back. I'm going to have to link a new email address to the Daily  Strumpet.
Which brings up another sore sore spot.
I'd like to change my blog name. I want but some lazy person is hogging the name and is too lazy to update his blog.

In another sideline I have contemplated another Daily Strumpet. Anyone interested? Have to think up some good news events.

OPB is advertising a forum debating tax increase measures. How could anyone think a tax increase is a good idea. Unless you work for the government. But, if you do you would realize that in this time of economic problems tax increases would probably be counter productive.
After the clever folks gave trillions of our money to the banking industry I would NEVER vote for another tax increase of any amount. I would let government services completely stop before I would give them another dime...

And I have nothing to saw to Ed Winkle's fans at hymarkhispots.blogspot where I am supposed to be guess blogging this week.

And my head will explode in 3...2...1... POW!


  1. Says it all:
    "We all woke up at 7 a.m.
    The TV went on right away."

    When your head has dis-exploded itself, please consider further Strumpet hijinks, low jinks, adventure. Maybe don't set a deadline. That's a well known cause of cranial detonation.

  2. My sympathies are with S. I used to worry about a tree falling on my bedroom and then one day it did. Luckily I was in North Dakota on a train for Chicago at the time.


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