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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Forget Lego Trains I need a flatbelt

I busted the belt for my hammermill! Where do I find a six or eight inch endless flatbelt that is 20 to 40 feet long? Any of you folks have a flatbelt setting in your barn?


  1. I'll check the sheds when the sun comes up. Dad used to grind for the Guernseys with a hammermill. Long shot at best. Sometimes stuff like that has come home in odd lots from farm retirement auctions when all you really wanted was the fence stretcher...

  2. It's not repairable with alligator clamps or leather lacing?

  3. Bummer. Came up empty. Some of those got cut up years ago to make strips to hang over the doors of A-frame farrowing huts, thought I'd seen another lurking somewhere but no such luck. Seems like Gorges is on a track worth going down. Maybe linen cord or even fourteen gauge baling wire? Are there any Amish farming around you? Some of them still use that stuff and can fix anything.

    Maybe not baling wire. What we get here comes from China now, and ain't what it was. Nominal 14 ga. varies wildly in diameter, has no resistance to stress fatigue. Bend it about twice in opposite directions and you're done.

  4. Thanks for looking! The problem is that the pulley on the hammermill is a small diameter flatbelt pulley. I don't think I can use a belt that has been laced. We do have a belt lacing kit here. The old belt just fell apart kind of like the Parson's Shay, I can't cut a section out as it has pretty much shredded itself.
    I'll keep checking ebay. It looks like I'm out $200 and then not even sure if it will the correct one...

  5. Can't tell from your picture but most hammer mills I know of have to run a crossed belt so that the mill runs the right direction. This means the belt has to be "endless", no metal repair strips as they would soon self destruct in crossing. I have one and am hoping it lasts as long as I need to grind oats for cattle and chicken feed.

  6. RLG, thanks for joining.
    I don't always run the crossed belt. It depends on what side of the hammer mill I set up the tractor.
    So, I could run a belt with a metal lacing and it would be ok if I didn't run it crossed?
    This would expand my options!

  7. Steel laced belt connections were pretty much the norm for running the buzz saw cutting fire wood. Straight belt of course. Any time it needed work there was a repair kit available with new lacing. Not sure if speed might be a factor too as the hammer mill might have to run faster than the saw.


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