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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Danny Glover is an idiot

See this link: or this link provided by Mr. 706:
I am not going to mention Mr. PR of the 700 club as that will put him back on the list of names that is suggesting book titles for but.... Danny Glover is a total moron. His suggestion is not even based in fact. At least PR gave money...
Lets see the clever folks jump on him.
Unless I took it all out of contents because, I DIDN'T have the attention span to watch the youtube video. So sue me, I don't practice what I preach.
I just want a new flat belt for my hammer mill. And a lego train, and 1.2 million dollars. I don't ask for much.

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  1. I agree, Danny Glover IS an idiot, but you have to remember, he's spent too many years in Hollywood to possibly have any brain cells left.


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