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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Animals in the house

People who have pets in the house are dirty. I'm in the house as Sadie is not feeling well. My lovely and gracious wife is redoing the laundry room. I get a lot of dirt on the floor. She moved the litter box. This annoys the cat.
So the cat shat on the floor.
He walk into the living room. Right in front of Sadie, and he dropped a load. I frankly do not give a rusty rats bottom about the cat's emotional issues. I put him out into the rain. He crapped on the carpet! Add this to cat hair everywhere. You find it in the computer keyboard, in computer cooling fan. He yowls when he is hungry, he yowls when he is happy, he pisses on my stuff if the dog spends the night in the laundry room when it is freezing outside.
I actually like the cat. He is a big grumpy fellow who is like 14 years old.
Just the same, he is a cat. He should live outside or in a barn or in someone else's house.


  1. Perhaps because the woman who lived 200 feet from my front door when I moved into my home had 47 cats, I've long believed that there are two kinds of people, cat people and normal folks. Of course the really nice people own dogs!

  2. Oh yeah! Dog people are the best. Outside dogs...


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